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Our Story

Imagine traveling through small villages of India, Indonesia, Haiti, Nicaragua, and the world, dreaming of ways to bless the people you meet.

Imagine living in a city known for both its charm and its challenges.  

Imagine loving the intricate beauty, exquisite flavors, and vibrant colors of your family's Indian heritage. 

And then, imagine having a passion for exotic dark chocolate that evokes a happy smile and maybe even a joyful dance. 

 Meet Anandi Chocolate. 

Anandi is a Hindi word that means "always happy" or "joyful". 

Our goal is not merely to make exquisite, bean-to-beautiful chocolate. 

We want to share God's love, 

and a taste of happiness 

with as many people as we can, 

 in our beloved city of Baltimore and around the world.  

We would love you to join us on our journey! 

fair trade
bean to bar

Our Ingredients

Luxurious, small-batch dark chocolate is carefully crafted, from bean-to-beautiful in Baltimore. 

We roast only certified fair-trade cacao and use the finest ingredients so that you can happily enjoy the highest quality chocolate, created with zero "fillers".

We are dairy-free and vegan-friendly.


Our Chocolates

Beauty at first sight. Exotic flavors. Vibrant colors. Luxurious dark chocolate. 

To begin your journey, Anandi's classic Happy Dark 67.5% will welcome you with silky richness.

Your adventure continues with a mid-day break for Anandi's sassy Ginger Cardamom, (our family favorite) and a zest for life.

As you gaze at the evening sunset behind majestic hills, Anandi's mellow Mango Masala will gently warm your soul. 

And the journey will continue! 

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Anandi Chocolate

(We create Anandi Chocolate at the City Seeds Commercial Kitchen) 1412 N Wolfe Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21213, United States

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY for purchases $35 or greater!

You can now purchase Anandi Chocolate at Ma Petite Shoe (832 W 36th St) in Hampden, Baltimore! 

Our Oompa Loompas are busy making and taking chocolate to Baltimore, AND we really would love to be there for YOU! Send us a quick message (below), and our Chief Oompa Loompa will arrange for you to get a taste of happiness! :)

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